Unfollow is Finally Here

Unfollow is Finally Here

We've added Unfollow function. Hope you'll like it!
Roboclick Sunday 1 July 2018 0 0

Remember that you can't follow and unfollow at the same time.

Unfollow & Unfollow who don't follow back

We are very happy to announce that the long awaited feature "Unfollow who don't follow back" is now available on Roboclick.

Now You can control "Unfollow" function with two settings: "Unfollow source" and "Unfollow who don't follow me".

Select the source from which will unfollow users:

● Roboclick— you will unfollow only users which were followed only by our service.

● All — you will unfollow all users which you follow.

Select "Unfollow who don't follow me" if you want to unfollow users only who don’t follow you back.

We've improved "Unfollow" function

Now it should work faster!
But remember, if you use "Unfollow who don't follow me" it may take some time for our algorithm to find these users.