Roboclick actions Like , Comment, Follow, Unfollow

Roboclick is an automation tool for your Instagram account. You have all the power to tell Instagress exactly what actions to take on your behalf.

Monitor the progress of your Roboclick activity

The Activity Stats page gives you all the information you need to monitor your automated activity on Roboclick including total posted Likes, Comments, Follows and Unfollows, as well as gained followers, and even used Time.

How to get the most out of Roboclick

As you can see on your Activity Page, Roboclick offers a wide variety of Settings that give you all the control to customize your automated activity on Instagram based on your specific needs.

Try 3 days for free

After registration and adding instagram page in system, a 3-day test is activated automatically for your instagram account to see the power of Roboclick system in increasing likes, comments and instagram followers.

Automatic selection and audience targeting

The service researches the target audience by analyzing your competitors, hashtags, keywords, names, amount of followers and followings, current profile picture, language, age, amount of photos and many other criterions.

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